Tired of doing menial tasks to keep your business running? You don’t have to be in this boat any longer.

There are many ways companies can save time by simply using automation for recurring tasks, such as ordering supplies and inventory or processing and fulfilling orders. Automation means sending out recurring orders on a set schedule, or as needed, rather than manually filling out and then placing orders each time.

More than half of today’s employees believe they can save at least two hours daily through automation. This can result in less stress and more productivity. Businesses can make use of this concept in several ways.

Auto-fulfillment for E-Commerce Businesses

It requires a lot of time and resources for ecommerce businesses to individually fulfill every order.

For online retailers, the average cost to fulfill an order is 70% of the order value. Those costs include everything from shipping supplies to man hours spent on preparing the order.

With auto-fulfillment, customers can set up orders to come on a set schedule, allowing businesses to make sure they have the inventory ready to ship out. Auto-fulfillment works well for items customers are likely to order again, such as household supplies, health supplements, and personal care products. It also improves the customer experience by streamlining their ordering process.

Auto-fulfillment for Replenishing Inventory

It is easy for businesses to make mistakes when they manually order inventory. It not only wastes time, but poor inventory management costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Think about all of the markdowns you see!

Auto-fulfillment for Purchasing Supplies

This is an easy way to ensure you have all of the office supplies and tools needed at your fingertips to do your job. This process also benefits service businesses that use certain supplies or tools, such as dental and medical facilities. Contractors can also use auto-fulfillment to fulfill their needs.

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