Our work world was completely changed, and we had to learn how to run all companies remotely. It may have made a business realize that they are able to still be just as productive from home as they are in the office, and some may have realized that it is just too difficult to do everything they have too remotely.

Your office may never officially be at full capacity

One on the main changes to the office is that they will probably never be as full as they used to. Before the pandemic, you had to take days off work when you were sick or just had to be out for another reason. Sometimes there wasn’t an option to be able to work from home. Nowadays, people may stay home more because they have seen that they can still be productive. Not many offices seem to say that “everyone must be in the office every day,” because times have changed.

New technology

Adding on to permanent changes in the office, your office may now use completely new technologies and platforms that you never would have even though of using before. This time allowed for so many new inventions and innovations and let the world of technology grow faster than we would have ever imagined. Some may feel comfortable with these changes while others not so much.


Relationships between employees and coworkers are a very important aspect in office situations. When everyone was in the office, it was very easy to interact with everyone daily and be able to hold meetings or other events together. Now since that was taken away, it can result in your employees not feeling as close as they would in the office and cause them to not work together as well as they used to. Although companies would try and find ways to still bring their employees together, nothing is the same as it was in the office.

Lots of people may wish things would go back to the way they were before the pandemic, and some may choose to disagree. Everyone seems to have gotten used to the ability to work from home as they choose and to have some extra free time on their hands. Although there have been a lot of permanent changes in the office, there is still a lot you can do to for your company and their success. For financial advising through these tough times, contact Lodestar Advisors at 443-280-0890 for help with planning, budgeting, taxes, etc.