Payroll and HR

At Lodestar Advisors, as your outsourced CFO, we utilize cloud based payroll processing software to support client’s employee compensation and benefit needs. Integrating payroll and benefits into a comprehensive tax planning strategy enables the business to significantly reduce their overall tax burden.

There are many benefits to our cloud-based payroll processing for employers like yourself, including:

  • Unlimited Payrolls – Run payroll as many times as you like, including bonuses, corrections and off-cycle payrolls.
  • Direct Deposit & Checks – Pay your team via direct deposit or check.
  • Automatic Tax Processing – We automatically calculate, pay and file your local, state and federal payroll taxes (multiple states included).
  • Automated New Hire Reporting – We report new hires to the government for you.
  • Digital Signatures – Paper forms are a thing of the past. You can sign all of your forms online.
  • Contractors – If paid through payroll, we automatically generate and send 1099 forms to your contractors, then file those forms with your other tax documents.
  • Reimbursements – Pay your employee reimbursements at the same time you run payroll.
  • Annual W-2’s – included at no additional charge.

Your employees benefit from the process as well. Here is a sampling of some of the key benefits your staff will get to enjoy with our cloud-based payroll solutions through Gusto: 

  • Employee Self-Enrollment – Employees can enter and edit their personal details online, saving you time.
  • Digital Paystubs – A beautifully designed paystub is emailed directly to employees. No more print-outs.
  • Lifetime Accounts – Employees can access their paystubs and W-2 forms online, even after they leave your team.
  • Easy Charitable Donations – Employees have the option to make charitable contributions directly from their paychecks.