Make your books work for you

With our help, you can fully automate most of your day-to-day accounting practices, so you’re spending less time on administrative tasks and more time on actually managing your business. Automation is the way of the future, and we believe the key is the cloud. If you’re not using a cloud-based system currently, you’re missing out on true time-saving strategies! Fortunately, we can customize solutions and select programs based on your technological comfort level, as well as your business needs. Once setup is complete, these systems will evolve with you as your company grows and changes. Below is a sample technology stack that we might recommend to a client to help consolidate and manage the data necessary to make strategic decisions to improve your company, and your bottom line. Here are some advantages to operating in the cloud:

  • Be productive from anywhere. You and your team have access to your business software tools anyplace at anytime.
  • Input HR data once, no matter where you are, and have access to it wherever you have access to the internet.
  • Bookkeeping and cash flow managment are no longer confined to a single machine.
  • Net–based accounting enables communication, invoicing, and billing automation.
  • Todays cloud providers are outfitted with security far more sophisitcated than any offered by an on–site IT Department.
  • Embracing the cloud means the freedom to scale your small business up or down quickly.

Sample CLOUD Accounting TECH STACK

How the sample tech stack above could work for your businesss:


The #1 rated small business accounting software for managing invoices and expenses. With access to profit and loss, sales, and revenue flow data, we’ll help develop new strategies for success.


This document collection & management software stores all bills, receipts, and account info on a single platform, reducing the hassle of tracking down specific data.


Documenting travel costs and other expenses are essential for filing taxes. Expensify will provide an accurate and mobile ways to record and update expenses you accumulate while conducting business.


Manage payroll, benefits, and human resources at any time. This comprehensive platform will make paydays easier while helping you with compliance and onboarding new staff! 


Easy to use and accessible on any device, this app provides mobile time-tracking and employee scheduling options.


This web portal enables you to securely share your tax-related documents with us.