The methods used by marketers to gain potential customers are constantly changing and improving.  The once popular lead generation magnet is now being replaced by online quizzes, which are proving to be much more valuable. If you are having trouble gaining new customers, now is the time to make a switch.

What is the difference?

A lead magnet is a freebie offered to potential customers.  The ‘gift’ is often a small discount or ‘special’ content. The trouble is,  there is so much material online already that folks may not bother with your offer.  Lead magnets are automated, impersonal, and give a business little more than a person’s name and email address.

A quiz lead magnet is more fun for participants and gives them value.  Quizzes help people learn more about themselves, where they are on their journey, and how to reach their ultimate destination.  In return, businesses are rewarded with more insight on their potential customers.

Benefits of Online Quizzes

Online quizzes are highly interactive and participants are more engaged.  A person who has to think carefully before choosing their answer is far more invested in the outcome.  With a quiz lead magnet, customers can share their struggles, goals, priorities, how they feel and areas they most need help with.

Businesses provide quiz takers with valuable insight in return. The information can be tailored to a participant based on the score they received.  On the final results page, tell them what areas they need to improve and what steps they can take to see a change.

Personalize Online Quizzes

To dig deeper into what customers want, create a well-thought-out quiz topic and then select related categories.  For instance, a fitness coach may offer a ‘body transformation’ quiz to gain insight into what areas individuals want to improve and how they can reach their goals.  The categories could be nutrition, exercise, sleep and attitude. Next, create questions and a scorecard for each category.  Don’t ask too many questions or people may lose interest.

How to Create an Online Quiz

Build an online quiz that will bring the results you want by following these simple rules.

Have a Creative Outcome

To make a quiz-taker’s time worthwhile, offer them valuable results and insight. Quiz outcomes are calculated based on the number of questions the participant got right, the percentage they answered correctly, or a category based on their answers. Get creative and have fun! They will remember you for it.

Focus on Your Audience

Quizzes are a great way to get attention, but make sure the participants are a part of your target market.  If your quiz is too generic, you could end up with a bunch of leads who will never turn into customers.  Keep your quiz topic focused on something relevant to your industry and target audience.

Keep Your Quiz Simple 

Don’t lose potential leads by giving them a quiz that is too long.  Keep the questions simple and direct. About 5-7 is a good rule to follow.  Complicated questions, or too many of them, can distract people who may quit before they finish and give you their contact information.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up!

Once a quiz taker gives you their contact information, follow up with a sequence of personalized emails.  People will feel like they matter when you send them emails that target their desires, habits, interests, skill level and where they’d like to be.  Personal emails will build trust with your audience who will feel comfortable and confident doing business with you.

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