Is your sales force bogged down with administrative tasks? Is valuable customer information hard to find? Are sales leads falling through the cracks? These are all signs it may be time for your company to consider investing in a CRM.

Customer Relationship Management systems can work wonders when keeping valuable sales leads and customer information organized and in one place for your sales and marketing teams to find. The software can improve efficiency and increase data visibility for your employees as your business grows.

6 Signs You Should Invest in a CRM System

If your business is experiencing any of the following issues, it’s time to consider making a change.

  1. Your employees are manually entering customer information and valuable time is being taken away from sales efforts. Menial tasks are becoming overwhelming and sales are dwindling.
  2. You have a piecemeal approach for tracking contacts, and your sales team is struggling to find information that already exists. There is no centralized system to keep accurate and updated contacts and leads in one place.
  3. Your reporting process for inbound/outbound sales efforts is not up to par, and it’s difficult to ensure reports have the most accurate information. Contact lists may be incomplete, contain duplicates, or be out-of-date.
  4. The sales team is unknowingly letting valuable leads slip through the cracks, accidentally chasing down bad leads or duplicating efforts with other salespeople. Leads are disappearing when members of your sales team quit and go to work for another company.
  5. Your marketing and sales teams are not in sync. Conflicting information in your sales pitch and marketing materials can make your company appear unprofessional and poorly run.
  6. You have signs of poor customer service. Dissatisfied customers are voicing complaints, leaving bad reviews, or have stopped purchasing from you altogether. Take action now before it’s too late! 

The Benefits of a CRM System

A CRM is a must for any business seeking to grow their client base. It will automate menial, time-consuming tasks, and help to increase sales. You can establish a step-by-step sales process for your team to follow. The system will let you understand your customers better, so you can target their personal needs and provide better customer service.

With a CRM, you can easily encourage repeat business. The system will quickly analyze data, allowing immediate access to customer purchasing habits, communication preferences and demographics.

A CRM provides automated sales reports which not only benefit your team, but helps you identify key trends, and peak into your future sales cycle.

Know What’s Right for You

When it comes time for you to make a decision, keep in mind that a CRM system will only be effective if used properly. You must set your goals and know how you want to use the data you collect to improve business. Your employees also need to be educated on how to analyze the information and make changes to boost their sales results.

It may be hard to jump into a financial investment, but if you believe the time is right, a CRM can make life much easier at the office. Keep in mind that CRM systems come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to evaluate your particular needs, shop around, and find the system that best suits you.

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