Sometimes it can be almost as stressful sitting on the other side of the desk! Finding the perfect candidate for a position and judging a person’s character based on just a conversation or two would be challenging for anyone. And when it comes to hiring employees as a small business owner, the stakes can feel even higher. Here are a few tips on how to find the best candidate to help your dream move forward.

Quantify Your Ideal Qualifications

The first step in hiring the right person actually starts with the job description. Let applicants know right out of the gate what you’re looking for. Make sure you’re being honest with yourself both about what you need and what you’ll be able to find. Sure, the best candidate might be a genius with three PhDs who’s an epic multitasker that never sleeps, but chances are, even if that person exists, they’re probably not going to show up with resume in hand. With that said, there are doubtlessly several qualifications you absolutely need in an employee, whether that be a particular degree or level of experience, so make sure to state these concretely. You don’t want candidates to go through the entire interview process only to realize they’re unavailable during the hours you need them or are deathly allergic to the main ingredient in your restaurant’s signature dish.

Get to Know Your Interviewee

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but interviews are about more than getting to know a candidate’s professional profile. In all likelihood, you’ll be working directly with whomever you hire (albeit to varying degrees, depending on your business), so make sure they’re someone you can get along with. Of course, some workplace habits don’t become clear until after an employee has begun their tenure at a company, but try to get a feel for the sort of worker they are. Is this someone you can see supporting your business and truly caring about its success? Are they a team player? Will they get along with your other employees? Consider all aspects of what the position would require and make sure the candidate understands the position and environment they’d be taking on. Even if you can’t quite tell if they’d be a good fit, the candidate should know themselves well enough to weigh that decision.

Set an Example

Your interviewees will take their cues on how to act from you, so make sure to act accordingly. If you place an emphasis on a very professional workplace environment, communicate this through your words and body language. If you want your employees to feel comfortable and a bit more casual, put in the effort to show friendliness and approachability. Of course, a certain balance is always necessary, but show your candidates you take this process as seriously as they probably do. If someone arrives late and addresses you improperly, politely remind them that this behavior will not be considered acceptable if they are hired. Again, you want to be transparent about your expectations for employees so there are no surprises down the line. Show your candidates this respect, and they will show you respect in return. Positive business relationships begin with first impressions.

Best of luck in your endeavors– we hope these tips have been helpful!

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