How to Keep Your Team Motivated

Need to get your team back in working order? Are employees slacking off or suffering burnout? Here are some proven methods sure to help boost their motivation and performance. 

Pay Them Well

Employees should be paid what they are worth. The salaries you set should be consistent with what other nearby companies are paying. You’ll lose great workers if you underpay them. According to a study, 26% of engaged employees would leave their job for just a 5% pay increase.  

Create a Pleasant Environment

Your employees will likely be more productive if their work space is enjoyable. A positive environment can make a big difference. Employees that are healthy and happy will likely be more motivated and engaged. Office perks will make your team feel more appreciated. 

Communication is Key

Have a constant flow of communication between you and your employees. Keep them up to speed on what needs to be done. Listen to their ideas, opinions, and feedback as well. Check in with your team regularly and be open and approachable.  

Encourage Teamwork

Teamwork boosts productivity. It makes employees feel less isolated and more engaged. Hold regular team building opportunities so members can get to know one another.

Rewards and Recognition

Be sure to recognize the hard work and contributions of all of your team members. Reward them for outstanding work and tell them how grateful you are. Workers also like monetary rewards, gifts, perks, and more responsibility or independence. 

Growth Opportunities

It’s important to provide team members with growth and development opportunities. Tailor these to each individual employee. Encouraging team members to set goals and learn new skills will make them more valuable to your company.  

Share Your Vision

Your employees should know what your vision is. Workers will be more motivated and inspired if they know what they’re working towards. Set clear and measurable goals and track progress. Employees will feel more valuable.

Mistakes Worth Avoiding

Every good leader makes mistakes when it comes to motivating their team. Here are some common ones you will want to avoid.

Ignoring Needs

People are motivated in different ways. Some value recognition, feedback, independence, or challenges. Others may need more support and guidance. Know the needs of your individual team members and work to meet them. 

Focus on Extrinsic Rewards

Extrinsic rewards include money, bonuses, prizes, or promotions. While they sound great, they’re often not enough to keep a team motivated. Members also need intrinsic rewards, such as meaningful work, feedback, and opportunities for growth and development.  

You Aren’t Fair

Team members won’t take to a leader who is inconsistent or unfair. Favoring some team members over others will create confusion and resentment. Treat all members equally and be clear with your communication, decision making, and feedback. 

Too Much Micromanaging

This is a big no-no. If you are constantly monitoring, directing, or interfering with your team, they will feel incompetent and unmotivated. Delegate tasks and authority to team members, and let them work independently.  

Showing No Appreciation

Make sure you acknowledge the efforts, achievements, and contributions of your team. Express gratitude and respect for their work. Recognizing team members will boost their morale, confidence, loyalty, and spark an interest in improving.  

Lack of Challenges

Inspire and challenge your team by sharing your vision, mission, and values with them. Encourage them to be innovative and grow. Show enthusiasm and give team members challenging and diverse tasks. Coach them and give them constructive feedback. 

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