In this era of smartphones, social media and emails galore it is easy for us to become disorganized.  Messages, texts and emails can clutter up our inbox and lead to a host of problems and a huge mess, too.  Here are some expert tips on how to manage your digital clutter.

What is Digital Clutter

FIrst, let’s talk about what digital clutter means.  This term refers to the disorganization of your data, files and digital devices. Digital junk crowds inboxes, fills up phone storage, and results in too many files to count on your desktop.

The Impact of Digital Clutter

Digital disorganization can lead to heightened stress levels, lower productivity, and slower devices.  Hackers can more easily access your personal information.  Storing all of that excess data also impacts the environment.  In fact, by 2025, it’s estimated that our devices and servers will make up 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

How to Reduce Digital Clutter

By now, you are likely wondering how to resolve this information overload.  We all know how easy it can be for digital clutter to add up over time. Now, let’s talk about ways to get rid of it.

Clean Up Your Desktop

This task is similar to cleaning out your garage.  Remove files, apps and stored data you no longer use or need.  Next, create desktop folders to store files in.  The ones you actually use.  Organize and label the folders by function, subject, or client.  This will reduce the number of icons you have on your desktop.

Discard Unused Documents

Here are some safe ways to organize digital documents and keep hackers away.

Place important documents in secure folders. Create an easy filing system to quickly access documents you need. Don’t use the same password for everything.  Try multi-factor authentication on critical accounts.  If you haven’t used a file in six months, delete it or save it on an external backup drive.  Consider saving electronic versions of documents you want to keep on a USB drive.

DeClutter Your Phone 

Did you know the average American has 582 saved smartphone pictures and 13 unused phone apps?  Storing too much stuff on your phone takes up storage space and reduces battery life.  Delete apps you aren’t using.  Also, close browser tabs following mobile searches. Delete pictures you no longer want. Organize the rest into digital photo albums and back them up.

Eliminate Email Distractions

It’s easy for an email inbox to get out of control quickly.  Unsolicited sales messages, subscription offers, and spam add up and crowd out the important stuff.  Create an email account solely for messages you want to see, but can wait.  Put emails into categories and unsubscribe from ones you aren’t interested in.

Organize Social Media Accounts

Put your social media apps into different folders, based on categories, like friends or hobbies.  Unfollow people and unsubscribe from services you no longer have a connection with. Prioritize people in your Facebook News Feed preferences so you see their posts first.

Be Smart About Passwords

In order to enhance security,  create complex or unique passwords for your accounts.  Password managers can also help you generate passwords and keep track of them.

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