When you’re just beginning to establish your business, the transition into becoming the person in charge of an entire company– no matter how small– can seem daunting, but in time you’ll feel just as comfortable and capable as any boss you’ve had. Today, we’re covering four simple changes you can make to take that transition one step further.

Establish a Website and Social Media Presence

Step one is getting organized and getting the word out! Create an organized, easy to navigate website with contact information and a description of your services for consumers to find. Create business accounts on at least one social media platform and include links to those on your website as well. Many businesses use Facebook and/or Instagram to keep in touch with customers as it’s pretty easy to craft and schedule posts for both sites at once (Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, Meta). Focus on visuals and announcements for the posts themselves and include a short description of your company, contact info, and a link to your website on the account’s profile page.

Start Outlining Your Brand

If you haven’t already, it’s time to work on your brand. This is essentially the identity of your business and will determine how you present it to consumers. Consider your values, goals, and priorities to specify what makes your company unique– this is called your brand differentiator, or the benefits consumers receive from your business that they won’t get anywhere else. Start planning your color scheme, logo ideas, and the tone you’ll use in any marketing efforts. This is your chance to define who you are and what you do to your audience.

Print Business Cards

Start getting the word out! Once you’ve got the basics of your brand down, design a simple business card template and print a batch or two. Don’t go too overboard, but you’ll want to have enough to place in your physical location (if you have one) and to hand out to any friends, family members, and contacts you’ve made. As always, include your business’s name, contact information, website, and logo if applicable. Start planting the seeds for your business to grow from.

Create a New Email

If your hobby has recently become your business, it’s time to switch from using your personal email address to creating a professional one. Use your name and your company site to craft a new account solely for business purposes (i.e. yourname@thisisyourwebsite.com). Make sure to create an email signature as well– this is a short statement that appears at the end of each of your emails. It should include your name, job title, company name, and contact information as well as your company’s logo, if you have one.

Need a Business Advisor?

At Lodestar Advisors, we chart a custom growth path for each of our clients because we understand each individual, each business, has their own path. Ultimately, our success is driven by your success– we want to see your business flourish. If you’re interested in working with a top-notch business advisor, give us a call at 443-280-0890 or send us a message through the online form at the bottom of our webpage. We can’t wait to start this journey with you!