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An outsourced CFO approach To Grow Your Business.

Many people think of accountants as someone you call when it’s time to do your taxes. Although we do offer Certified Public Accountant services and IRS-Registered Tax Return Preparation, we’re so much more than that; we’re your outsourced CFO (Chief Financial Officer)! We want to work with you throughout the year to plan and grow your business. We’ll go above and beyond with our additional advisory services to be a part of your team, rather than a once-a-year consultant. As a locally owned-and-operated firm, we truly understand what it means to be a small business. Allow us to help you manage all the financial aspects of your company. Our solutions will allow you take back precious time in your day, which leaves you free to focus on the bigger picture: running your business.

How a strategic approach can work for you.

In business, as in life, change is necessary not just for growth but also for viability. Your business cannot evolve without structural changes to your processes and operations.  At Lodestar Advisors we work with you to define and refine your strategic business plan.

A business strategy is a plan of actions and decisions that your company takes to achieve your business goals and be competitive in your industry. It defines the goals you are looking to achieve and lays out actionable steps you can take to get there. A business financial strategy will guide your decision-making process for hiring and resource allocation as well as create milestones and goal-posts for your to monitor your success and make adjustments accordingly.

The process involves stepping back from your organization to view it in a way that helps you see what is important today, and what you need to do to make it successful into the future.

It is all about being proactive about running your business.